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Logistics and warehouse real estate

As more and more people switch to buying goods online, in the last ten years, we have seen huge growth in investment in logistics assets – distribution centres and warehouses. And the sector continues to grow not only as more and more e-commerce brands enter the market.

Brands like Amazon don’t stand still – it’s a cornerstone of their success that they’re able to move with the times – but it also means that they need to be flexible and agile. Owning warehouses doesn’t give them this, but leasing does. For smaller e-commerce companies, leasing is a less risky and less capital-intensive option. It all adds up to opportunity for commercial real estate investors.

While investing in this asset class is certainly attractive – with very good yields possible – it isn’t without risk. It’s key to make the right investment in the right property at the right location.

For e-commerce giants, the time that goods spend in warehouses is money. Customers also expect good to be delivered quickly – sometimes even the same day. And that means that location and proximity to intermodal facilities, rail and road freight networks is key.

As international commercial real estate brokers, alphaSet is ideally positioned to help both investors and property owners alike.

For investors, it’s our extensive knowledge of the logistics real estate sector, coupled with our extensive networks, that means we’re ideally placed to support investment projects within this asset class. If you’re selling warehousing and logistics assets, our extensive investor database helps us find qualified buyers quickly.

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