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Developing land for commercial real estate

Instead of opting to invest in fully functioning and managed commercial properties, many investors are looking seriously instead at acquiring land for development. And – in the case of cities – this normally starts with the demolition of an old, now-redundant building.

Thanks to digitisation and the growth in demand for facilities and amenities, land in cities is at an all-time premium and “brown field” opportunities are increasingly attractive. Evidence for this trend is all around us as construction projects dominate our city skylines. The question is, however, what constitutes a good investment? What’s the best type of property to build? What will ultimately yield? And how is the project itself best managed?

We support investors and help them answer these crucial questions, setting them on the right path – one that will ultimately deliver on their investment goals.

How do we do it? Through our extensive consultancy services, we are able to advise on everything from site assessment, market analysis, land acquisition, legal frameworks and financial feasibility projections right through to advice on regulatory issues and safety. We have an extensive network of internationally renowned, structural engineers, architects and contractors which we can match to your project.

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