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Invest in commercial real estate

For investors, commercial real estate offers not only the appeal of relatively safe and steady income streams, it also offers important portfolio diversification thanks to the fact that returns are relatively uncorrelated with those from equities and bonds. But to succeed, you have to know what you’re doing. And at alphaSet, that means starting every project by understanding our clients’ needs.

If they’re investors, we scrutinise their appetite for risk, how much they’re looking to invest, the sorts of returns they’re looking to achieve and more. We use this profile to match investors to the right sorts of properties across a wide range of asset classes from retail to the new growth area – warehousing and logistics. If they have assets to sell, we can leverage our investor database to find qualified investors who are actively looking for properties in the corresponding segment.

We can do this thanks to our extensive network, our database and our expertise in commercial real estate, which is coupled with on-going market and social analysis. It means we can connect the right buyers with the right sellers, thereby creating the conditions for mutually beneficial deals. We’ve been doing it for years.

Learn more about each of our focus real estate asset classes.

Retail space

Whether it’s shopping malls or centres, strip malls, retail parks, high-end outlets, or mixed-use centres, retail is undoubtedly one of the fastest-moving and challenging real estate asset classes.

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Office buildings can offer investors attractive returns and location is – as ever in real estate – key.

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Industrial buildings

While this is certainly not a glamorous real estate asset class – it’s all about function rather than form – industrial properties are steady performers, which is why they are included in many real estate investment portfolios.

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As more and more people switch to buying goods online, in the last ten years, we have seen huge growth in investment in logistics assets – distribution centres and warehouses.

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Real estate consultancy

alphaSet’s services extend to consultancy. We have many years of experience with project and land development and our extensive network of contractors and specialists – coupled with our own experience and understand can often make the difference.

Project development

Some investors acquire properties – regardless of asset class – that are fully functioning, renovated and managed. The transaction is a simple one. However – as society changes in response to digital transformation – more and more new opportunities are arising all the time.

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Instead of opting to invest in fully functioning and managed commercial properties, many investors are looking seriously instead at acquiring land for development.

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