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Holiday homes

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Desirable vacation homes in stunning locations

Everyone – at one time or another – has fallen in love with a place they discover while on holiday. And who hasn’t imagined what it would feel like to be able to keep coming back, to really get to know the area – its shops, museums, leisure and cultural offerings?

Owning your own place on a beautiful island or on sunny coast allows you just this luxury: a mixture of familiarity of your own surroundings and the endless possibilities of discovery. If desired, your second home can also be an attractive investment opportunity, yielding rental income when you’re not in residence yourself. What’s more, there has never been a better time to invest.

Thanks to our international experience and local market expertise, we not only offer a range of stunning villas, condominiums and apartments in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, we also provide you with professional advice and support to help you find it and make it yours.

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Healthy you

If you’ve spent your working life in the fast lane, there’s no better reward to look forward to than your very own place in the sun. It’s not just a reward, either. The slower pace, the great climate and access to excellent-but-affordable healthcare services all contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Healthy finances

Very often, the cost of living in these sunny locales is significantly lower than what you’re used to at home – everything from fresh food and produce to cleaning and gardening services. And this means, of course, that your retirement income will go further, enhancing your quality of life significantly.

A home away from home

There’s a comfort in being surrounded by your own possessions – your own clothes, photographs of family and friends, paintings, mementoes and even your favourite cookware and glasses. You can travel light because you know what’s there already. So, when you turn your key in the lock, you’re opening the door to your own place. You’re home.

Retiring in Thailand

Couples and individuals looking to retire year-round affordably, or just part of the year will find that Thailand makes an excellent choice. It offers everything from outstanding health care, sports, culture and more. Find out more in our retiring in Thailand guide.

Looking for your dream holiday home or retirement get away?

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