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Hospitality – investment in hotels and wellness hotels

With more and more major hotel chains opting to lease hotel assets rather than own them, the hospitality sector in general offers attractive potential for investors.

As international commercial real estate brokers, alphaSet is ideally positioned to help both investors and property owners alike. It’s because we understand that ownership is closely tied to the underlying business potential and performance. We know how important it is to understand the dynamics of the hotel, leisure and hospitality asset class.

Our particular expertise lies in city/business and wellness/spa hotels all around the world and right across the spectrum: deluxe, luxury, upscale, midscale, economy and extended stay. If you’re looking to buy into this asset class, we can help you find just the right investment fit. If you’re looking to sell, we can match you to the right investor. Fast and with the minimum of fuss.

It’s down to our extensive network of national and global hotel groups, operating companies, trusts, institutional investors, family offices and private investors. And, of course, our real estate expertise. So, regardless of which side of the transaction you’re on, you have the best possible chance of realising your investment goals.

Business & city hotels

Catering for the needs of international business travellers, city and business hotels need to offer all the comforts of home – plus the necessary conferencing facilities to allow for successful networking and commercial development. Proximity to business areas, city centres or airports is also a key factor in their decision-making.

As teleconferencing facilities get more and more sophisticated – with the resulting impact on business travel – investing in the right real estate is key. alphaSet is there to guide investors through this process and make sure they’re matched with assets that will drive future revenue.

Our services span the hospitality spectrum from large portfolios to luxury single, “boutique” assets and from high-end to budget. And not only does our extensive network enable us to match investors with sellers in this asset class, our deep-rooted knowledge of hotel real estate means we can give our clients access to extensive research and market intelligence data.

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Wellness hotels

A major growth area in the hospitality sector, wellness and spa hotels tap into people’s desire to get away from it all and to rest both body and mind. At alphaset, our role is to connect investors and sellers to these – often – unique and luxury properties.

The hotel industry as a whole is being disrupted by social sharing platforms like AirBnB and others, so – for them to continue to thrive – they need to offer not just excellent services and facilities, but atmosphere and ambience too. For investors, wellness and spa hotels are attractive prospects because they are also less affected by seasonal patterns and generally attract high-end clientele.

alphaSet goes beyond what you would normally expect of a commercial real estate broker because – for our investor clients – we also recommend renowned operating companies to help ensure the successful management of your newly purchased hotel property. We know this sector inside out and also offer our clients extensive market intelligence and industry expertise.

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