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Industrial buildings

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Industrial buildings and business parks

While this is certainly not a glamorous real estate asset class – it’s all about function rather than form – industrial buildings are steady performers, which is why they are included in many real estate investment portfolios.

Industrial buildings are used for everything from manufacturing, R&D to storage and distribution and, when considering investment opportunities within this asset class, there are a number of key factors: location, proximity to customers and workforce, transportation, access to land and – in some countries – financial incentives that can offset remodelling or building costs.

As international commercial real estate brokers, alphaSet is ideally positioned to help both investors and property owners alike.

If you’re looking to invest, our extensive knowledge of the industrial and commercial real estate sector, the regulatory and market conditions and our extensive networks mean we’re ideally placed to support investment projects within this asset class.

If you’re selling industrial real estate assets, our extensive database of international real estate investors means we can match your property to the right sort of investor. Fast.

Investing in or selling industrial real estate?

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