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About alphaSet

Real estate brokers

Commercial real estate is a highly popular investment category, offering potentially attractive long-term yields, as well as excellent portfolio diversification.

The challenge for investors, however, lies in making the right investments: buying the right land or property to ensure goals can be met. Similarly, owners looking to sell property need to find the right buyers – investors with serious intent. In this fast-changing world, expert knowledge and experience can make all the difference.

alphaSet was founded in 2004 with one, simple vision in mind: to leverage our wealth of commercial real estate experience – and our highly curated database of investor profiles, properties and sellers – for the benefit of all.

Active globally, our effective formula matches highly qualified investors to the right properties and vice versa. We then facilitate the connections to make sure the right deals happen quickly and efficiently.

Facility and property management

Maximising the investment opportunity that commercial real estate portfolios offer is key. And the key to this is effective and seamless property management. In 2017, alphaSet was acquired by Mayfield Asset & Property Management– with precisely this idea in mind. While alphaSet continues to offer outstanding commercial real estate brokerage services, clients can also benefit from a range of management services designed to keep your investments profitable to you and attractive to tenants.

Regardless of whether your portfolio includes residential, commercial or industrial buildings, Mayfield Asset & Property Management is there to take care of all building and grounds maintenance, rent/arrears collection, access management, compliance with regulatory obligations and much more besides.

We believe it’s a winning formula.

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